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Ambrosius Maine Coons

Rebecca Rogers

13209 Laguna Rd 

San Antonio Tx 78223


Guarantee Contract

The following terms are applicable to ALL Kittens/Cats purchased from Ambrosius Maine Coon Cats

The Kitten/Cat is sold current on all age appropriate vaccinations, de-wormings (only as needed based upon fecal sample analized by Breeder's vet),  and TICA registration papers; Breeder is available throughout the lifetime of Kitten/Cat to answer questions, help with concerns and to give sound advice.


Breeder will hold Kitten(s)/Cat(s) of Purchaser’s choice once a non-refundable deposit is made to Breeder; deposit will be applied towards purchase price. 

Once Kitten/Cat goes home Kitten must see a Licensed Vet within 14 days 

Kitten/Cat is guaranteed against life threatening genetic defects until 2 years of age. Should it die within the guaranteed time period as the result of a life threatening genetic defect, said Kitten/Cat will be replaced if an appropriate necropsy is performed and a vet’s certificate is provided along with cause of death explaining the death was from was genetic defect and a photo of deceased Kitten/Cat. DNA analysis may be required as well and all registration papers are to be returned to Breeder.  A Replacement Kitten/Cat of comparable quality and value will be provided at the discretion of the Breeder; Breeder reserves the right to take up to 24 months to replace the Kitten/Cat provided Breeder is still actively breeding.


Kitten is guaranteed against HCM (Hypertrophic Cardio Myopathy) for the life of the kitten/cat.  Should it die as the result of complications from HCM, said kitten/cat will be replaced if an appropriate necropsy is performed and a vet's certificate is provided along with cause of death explaining death was from complications of HCM and a photo of deceased kitten/cat is provided.  DNA analysis papers may be required as well as all registration papers must be returned to breeder.  



The following guidelines are applicable to ALL Kittens/Cats from Ambrosius Maine Coon Cats

Purchaser agrees to the following the basic needs /care instructions of Kitten/Cat: 

1. Purchaser agrees to provide timely veterinary care for any illness or injury acquired throughout the lifetime of Kitten/Cat. 

2.   Purchaser agrees to provide a good and healthy environment for Kitten/Cat, toys for stimulation, heating pad to keep warm on if Kitten/Cat so desires, scratching posts and frequent positive interaction with its owners.   

3.   Kitten shall never be de-clawed.  Soft Claws can be used to keep the cat from unwanted scratching and/or destruction of furniture.  Your kitten will go home with a set of soft claws and an extra set to start.

4.  Provide a clean litter box to avoid inappropriate marking or defecation.   Box should be scooped at least once per day and completely dumped and sanitized at least twice per month.

5.  Quality raw diet or canned food should be given and fresh clean water provided at all times.    I  feed a good quality kitten kibble with a good quality wet food.

  If you choose to do a raw diet, proper care must be taken to ensure that the food is not left at room temperature for over 20 minutes as bacterial growth can begin which can make your cat/kitten ill. 



The following terms are applicable to ALL Kittens/Cats from Ambrosius Maine Coon Cats

If purchaser is unable to care for kitten or for any reason needs to rehome Kitten/Cat, then Kitten Cat shall be returned to breeder or contact breeder to help rehome the Kitten.  The Purchaser agrees that the Kitten/Cat will NEVER be sold, given away, donated, etc. to any other persons including, but not limited to a pet shop,  breeder/cattery, research laboratory, rescue group, shelter  or similar entity.  In the event the Purchaser can no longer keep Kitten/Cat, regardless of the age of the Kitten/Cat, the Breeder must be notified immediately by both phone and email then arrangements will be made for the Kitten/Cat will be surrendered to Breeder,  no exceptions; Transfer of the cat anyone other than the breeder is grounds for breach of contract. 


If cat is surrendered to Breeder, Breeder will not refund any of the purchase price of the kitten back to the Purchaser.  If shipping is necessary to return the Kitten/Cat back to Breeder, the Purchaser will be responsible for all related shipping expenses, unless agreed upon in writing by the breeder. 

Breeder does not give the breeding rights to purchaser of this kitten.  Kitten needs to be spayed/neutered by 1 year of age.  

I acknowledge that I have read the Breeder’s contract and understand the contents contained in this document.  I understand that this is a binding contract for the purchase of a pure bred Maine Coon kitten and the $300.00 deposit  are non-refundable once they are paid.  I acknowledge that I will abide by the agreements and terms as contained in this contract and will notify the Breeder if my contact information changes or I am unable to keep the kitten at any time during its lifetime. 

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Breeder Rebecca Rogers________________________________________________ Date_________________________

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